Matteo Franzoi

Structural Engineering Student


Hi. My name's Matteo, a master's civil engineering student based in Trento (🇮🇹 Italy). I'm in love with all about technology and code.

After my bachelor degree I've felt the need to create my own portfolio to show you my projects (and not). Almost my entire projects are uploaded on my GitHub (some of these are stacked on OSF - Open Science Framework).


Structural Safety

Structural safety project about calculating continuous beam and two different columns of a commercial building. Whole project has been developed following italian law about construction (NTC 2018, similar to EuroCodes).
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An aqueduct system project developed using QGIS, QEpanet and Epanet softwares.
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Rainfall Analysis

Jupyter Notebooks to study rainfall data of meteorogical station based in Centa San Nicolò (IT) and develop the so called LSPP. Results have been used to dimensioning the stormwater drainage network.
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Stormwater Drainage Network

Calculate and design of a stormwater drainage network. Have been used Jupyter Notebook for calculus and SWMM for modeling.
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My Previous Web Page

Source code of
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Paniza Academy Website

Source code of website.
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My Bachelor Thesis: theory of the wire rope

History and development of the wire rope theory and its applications on civil engineering field (specifically on bridges). This report contains the mathematical proof of wire rope theory (based on the hypothesis of negligible bending stiffness) for a parabolic rope element and for the catenary, and differences between these two. Report has been written in LaTeX (and TiKZ for the images), so the repository contains principally TeX code.
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Urban Planning for Engineers

Notes on urban planning (only italian language).
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What I wrote (italian language) past years on my old webpage.